Sruthi Raguveer

UC San Francisco

“Integrin-Binding Peptides for Targeted Drug Delivery to Pediatric Solid Tumors”

I am a protein engineer interested in developing cancer therapeutics. In my undergraduate research at Stanford, I worked in the labs of Professors Jennifer Cochran and Carolyn Bertozzi. For my undergraduate honors thesis project, I tested the efficacy of a peptide drug conjugate in inhibiting cell proliferation in cancer cell lines. This peptide was previously engineered in the Cochran lab to bind to integrin receptors. Pediatric cancers were of specific interest as they have heterogeneous expression of the tumor-associated antigens often targeted by cancer therapeutics. However, pediatric cancers have high levels of integrin receptors, demonstrating that integrins are a promising target for pediatric solid tumors. I first quantified the levels of integrin receptors on the surface of pediatric cancer cell lines through flow cytometry. I then tested the efficacy of the peptide drug conjugate in inhibiting cell proliferation and causing cytotoxicity in these cell lines. Now, as a first-year Ph.D. student at UCSF, I am rotating between different labs in protein engineering, structural biology, and immunology.


Integrin receptors are overexpressed in many solid tumors and are a promising target for pediatric cancers. I synthesized and tested the cytotoxicity of an integrin-targeting peptide drug conjugate in multiple cancer cell lines.

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