Navid Gougol

UC Merced

“Yektasonics Phased Array and Power Module”

Traditional surgeries and therapies are being replaced with a non-invasive alternative using sound waves sent from outside of the body. This is called Focused Ultrasound (FUS). As of 2023, it is treating over 170 medical conditions. We innovate an important piece of these FUS devices.


Focused Ultrasound is a revolutionary non-invasive therapy. It replaces the traditional invasive treatments with use of harmless sound waves. This research is the development of a novel ultrasound electronics driving system which brings the cost significantly lower with some performance breakthroughs for these FUS devices. The technology will be used to send the acoustic energy to the body and focus and steer the focal point. Focused Ultrasound treats 170+ conditions, where this number has increased 4 times in the past 4 years. It treats cancer with no chemo-therapy or surgery, and is used for brain modulation without opening the skull, to name a few.

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