Mays Mohammed Salih

UC Santa Cruz

“Interim Postdoctoral Researcher”

My thesis project focuses on HNRNPA2B1’s (an RNA splicing protein) novel role in regulating our bodies immediate response to pathogens and stimuli. I found that HNRNPA2B1 promotes interferon gamma signaling in macrophages under resting and activated states. Currently, I employ mechanistic studies using mouse models to delineate HNRNPA2B1’s mechanism of regulation of immune genes. HNRNPA2B1 is also a biomarker for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) due to its abundance in patient’s synovial tissue and high level of autoantibodies against it in patients’ sera. Despite its implication in RA, the degree of its involvement in disease pathological inflammation is not yet studied. I investigate whether HNRNP-A2B1 plays a direct role in amplifying RA inflammatory circuit. My preliminary data indicates that removal of HNRNPA2B1 from RA cells attenuates the inflammatory environment of these cells. These studies will help boost our understanding of the ways in which an RNA splicing protein is able to regulate gene expression and splicing leading to inflammatory response modulation and inflammatory circuit amplification in the arthritic joint in vivo.


I study how our bodies respond to pathogens and focus on regulation of this response through RNA and splicing. Our lab characterizes noncoding RNAs function in modulating an organism’s response to stimulus. We employ functional assays, CRISPR screens, sequencing, bioinformatics tools as well as mouse models to identify and characterize lncRNAs involved in immune regulation.

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