Madeline Reinsel

UC Santa Cruz

“Science Communication Master’s Work”

Most of my work so far has focused on local and regional environmental issues around Santa Cruz. Last fall, I wrote stories for San Jose’s The Mercury News, as well as stories for Science News, Eos, and Mongabay. In my local news internship at the Santa Cruz Sentinel, I covered everything from the effects of extreme weather on one of Santa Cruz’s iconic roads, to western monarch butterfly migrations, to marine debris along the Monterey Bay shoreline. I’m currently reporting on a USGS project tracking mercury contamination in South San Francisco Bay, and creating a video on eDNA research at UC Santa Cruz. I’m also interning at the Stanford University News Service, where I’m writing stories on topics that span all the way from extraterrestrial dune research to child psychology.


I’m a graduate student in the Science Communication program at UC Santa Cruz, focused on telling environmental and conservation stories. I enjoy communicating science across all mediums – from the written word to video.

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