Callan Monette


“A Comparison of Osteosarcoma Phenotype and Drug Response across Varying 3D in vitro Culture Platforms”

Osteosarcoma is a rare pediatric bone cancer characterized by high genomic complexity and high rates of chemoresistance, leading to longstanding challenges in its treatment. Current study of the cancer is largely limited to 2D monolayer culture, which is highly scalable but lacks critical niche cues, and in vivo mouse models, which are physiologically relevant but complex and expensive to scale. 3D in vitro models have emerged as a powerful solution to address these limitations—however, existing 3D models of OS have not been compared or thoroughly characterized along multiple axes of OS behavior. My work seeks to robustly characterize the behavior of patient-derived OS cell lines within a variety of 3D in vitro model platforms, assessing outcomes such as chemotherapy response, expression of canonical signaling pathways, and extracellular matrix deposition. The outcomes of this study will generate a better understanding of which niche cues are critical to capture within an in vitro model, and ultimately create a toolbox for a more reproducible, scalable, and physiologically relevant experimental model for this devastating disease.


Addressing the clinical challenges of Osteosarcoma, a rare pediatric bone cancer, requires a robust, physiologically relevant, and scalable experimental model in order to understand the complex biology of the disease. My work aims to characterize a variety of 3D in vitro model candidates in order to identify the key niche cues that recapitulate hallmark features of Osteosarcoma.

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