Amanda Caceres

UC Davis

“Uncovering the molecular mechanisms linking iron misregulation and diabetes”

Diabetic conditions are accompanied by iron dyshomeostasis, even in cases where intake of metal micronutrients is normal. This suggests an interplay between altered glucose metabolism and metal misregulation. Although correlations are documented between iron-associated phenotypes and diabetes, reports remain observational with little insight into the pathways and factors underlying these links. Our efforts to identify the pathways linking iron and type II diabetes include cell-based models of perturbed iron and glucose metabolism and diet-based in vivo models. The insight gained from studies will offer new avenues both for innovative antidiabetic therapies as well as biomarkers for early detection and risk assessment of diabetes.


Iron misregulation has been associated with an increased risk of developing type II diabetes, however, the ways in which the two are linked remain unknown. Our goal is to understand the relationship between iron regulation and diabetes in order to design new anti-diabetic therapies.

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